We’re a small family business, and we love healthy food.

After different experiments, we decided it would be better to cook at home. We could create own dishes in a way we love it. So, tastes were not the limit anymore.

It’s interesting to experiment with different styles, cuisines and tastes.

…And sometimes it’s funny 🙂

Sure, restaurant’s Chefs create masterpieces, but homemade cooking is much warmer and guarantees the house became a home.

It’s good to use high-quality utensils when cook or bake at home. Maybe it doesn’t matter for the food, but it matters for the Home Chef 🙂

What is high-quality to us? Such utensils have to be:

  • • functional;
  • • comfortable;
  • • sanitary and hygienic;
  • • made of FDA approved materials for kitchen utensils;
  • • strong enough for heavy use in a domestic kitchen;
  • • and, of course, products have to be pretty nice.


It’s great when favorite kitchen tools help to make every day brighter and happier.

We ask once ourselves: “What about creating something unique for the home kitchen?”

So, we created our first product – stainless steel potato masher with a bright yellow-green rubber handle.  If you were lucky to buy one before mashers were sold out, we’re so happy you joined us from the beginning.

You can find the second product in our shop now – two-tone bamboo cutting board. Hope you’ll love it as well. To find out more about cutting board – just click this button:

Bamboo Cutting Board

Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we chose «Fulfilled by Amazon» program to provide you the best service. You can easily buy our products at Amazon.com.

Please visit our contact page, if you have any questions, suggestions or even the compliment.

Create and live brighter!


Yours sincerely,

Orleneo company